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English Programs in Munich, Germany
At the Little Shop of Science
Amalien Passage
Amalienstrasse 89
Schwabing District, 80799 Munich


A Moment In Time: The World Collection

"When one reaches the threshhold of complacency, he or she must scan the horizon - search farther, search deeper - for something more. Whatever that "something more", it's different for every person. Some may never realize it. Some may never need to.

"I have just purchased a one-way ticket to London, England. It is there, amidst the chaos of the 2012 Summer Olympics, that I plan to start my journey around the world...slipping through the cracks of familiarity, weaving into luminous and prodigious cities, and out of bleak and barren landscapes, tracing the hidden contours of the globe, getting lost...and getting found. And through it all, perhaps I will come to a better understanding not only of myself, but of humanity.

"Rugged Edge Prints will be suspended indefinitely. However, this website will remain extant, and I will be posting new material and photographs as I travel. So stay tuned, as the journey is only beginning..."

- Steve (June, 2012)

Formerly located in Buffalo, New York